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After the conclusion of the 2013-14 season, a panel of District 1 wrestling experts were asked to submit their list of the top 25 District 1 wrestlers of the last 25 years.  Wrestlers who graduated from 1990 up through the Class of 2014 were eligible for this list.  Only high school accomplishments were to be used in creating the top 25 lists.

Voting Process

Every member of the voting panel was given a list of all District 1 wrestlers (in the qualifying period) who earned at least two state medals.  This list was used as a starting point, but any District 1 wrestler could be considered for inclusion on the Top 25 list.

A wrestler received points for each vote he received.  A vote for the #1 spot received 25 points, #2 received 24 points, and so on down to a #25 vote receiving 1 point.  After all ballots were received, the points for each wrestler were tallied to generate the final top 25 list.  Wrestlers who received votes but did not earn a spot in the top 25 received an honorable mention.