The journey that led to the creation of the website is a long and winding one...

In 2000, everything started as a simple website for the Boyertown (PA) High School wrestling team ... Within a few years, it expanded to cover wrestling at all levels within the Boyertown School District. The site quickly became one of the most popular high school wrestling team websites in Pennsylvania. The most popular feature of the site was the live coverage of various wrestling tournaments, including the PA State Championships.

With the popularity of the site increasing, a website for Boyertown's league (PAC-10 aka Pioneer Athletic Conference) was created in time for the 2002-03 season, using the domain While this new site was only for the PAC-10, the site was designed to handle other leagues and teams as well. This would eventually become a nationwide network of sites called the NHSCA Sports Network, in conjunction with the National High School Coaches Association.

In 2004, the initial hobby websites were turned into a business. For the first two years, NHSCA Sports Network operated as a sole proprietorship. During the 2005-06 scholastic season, a concerted effort was made to expand usage of the site in football and baseball to go along with the already popular wrestling sites. In January 2007, the NHSCA Sports Network became a Limited Liability Company.  In December 2007, the entire NHSCA Sports Network website was completely redesigned with a new look and additional features, including newly created district websites to go along with team and league sites.

Over the years, the main attraction of all the sites was wrestling...mainly Pennsylvania high school wrestling.  Due to this, at the end of November 2011 all of the PA wrestling content was moved to while the rest of the NHSCA Sports Network was shut down.  With the focus now squarely on Pennsylvania wrestling (mostly on the high school level, but junior highs have a presence), we hope to bring you the most complete coverage of any website for PA wrestling results and news.